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‘Unicorn’ swingers party: Meet the women who attend sex parties alone

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Swinger wiener Gabriela Wiener

Swinger wiener ‘Unicorn’ swingers

Swinger wiener Mark Winger

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Sexographies by Gabriela Wiener

Topics of polygamy, threesomes, transgender sex workers, female ejaculation, the number 11, motherhood, and more.

  • I think some of the issues may have been with the translation so idk how the language would read in Spanish, but still, not great Here's an irony: almost everything I know about squirting I've learned from men.

Sexographies by Gabriela Wiener

Absolutely incredible and beyond insane - No journalist finds a way into her reporting like There is an adage that the journalist should not become part of their reporting, but there are exceptions.

  • But neither Strauss nor Ronson can compare to Peru's Gabriela Wiener when it comes to being part of the tale.